The death of the African American George Floyd at the hands of the Minneapolis police, on May 25, has caused great outrage in the United States. The unrest and protests against police brutality against black people that prevail in the country have spread throughout many states amid the health and economic crisis experienced by the coronavirus.

In this situation, President Donald Trump chose to adopt an authoritarian tone. Among other things, the president suggested a military intervention with a real fire or, lastly, to name the antifascist movement “Antifa” as a terrorist organization.

Precisely, the declarations of the North American president through his official Twitter account caused Anonymous to have a response. The group of activist hackers “reminded” the US president of a buried controversy and accuses him of being involved in the tycoon Jeffrey Epstein’s network of sexual exploitation of minors, who allegedly committed suicide in prison before being tried, which raised suspicions at the time.


“You had Jeffrey Epstein killed to cover up your history of child trafficking and rape,” Anonymous wrote along with the link leading to the documentary evidence, in a message the group published as early as 2019.

The file in question is called “Jeffrey Epstein’s Little Black Book”, in which names are exposed that allegedly attended events organized by the Financial pederast. Among them are the president’s daughter, Ivanka Trump, and her ex-wife, Ivana. There are also personalities such as model Naomi Campbell, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, actor Kevin Spacey or singer Mick Jagger, among others.

It is not the first time that Anonymous has acted in response to the death of George Floyd. A few days ago the group already warned that it would take letters on the matter and warned the Minneapolis Police Department through a video on Facebook and Twitter.

Throughout the above video, the group of cyber activists expresses the following: “Officers who kill people and commit other crimes must be held accountable, just like the rest of us, otherwise they will believe they have a license to do what They want (…) We do not believe in their corrupt organizations to maintain justice, so we will expose many of their crimes to the world.”


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