The leadership of the European Union does not support the initiative of US President Donald Trump to return Russia to the G7 format. On Tuesday, June 2, said the head of EU diplomacy Joseph Borrel.

As the politician emphasized, the United States certainly has a chairmanship of the Group of Seven(the G7), but it does not have the prerogative to issue invitations. The EU believes that until Moscow changes its course, the G7 cannot return to the G8 format. At the same time, Borrell emphasized that international cooperation is now more important than ever.

The American leader spoke about his idea of ​​holding an expanded summit of the Seven this year in a telephone conversation with Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin the day before. “Trump informed about his idea of ​​holding a“ group of seven ”summit with a possible invitation from the leaders of Russia, Australia, India, and the Republic of Korea,” the Kremlin said about this.

Earlier, Trump has already stated that the G7 format, in his opinion, is outdated and does not reflect the situation in the world.

Commenting on the initiative voiced by the American president, representatives of the Russian Federation Council said that the issue of Russia’s return to the G7 should be decided jointly by the member countries of the group. At the same time, the Federation Council expressed doubt about the unanimity of the club members on this issue.

Russia was part of the G8 until 2014, but after the accession of Crimea, it was expelled from the informal club by the decision of other participants.

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