Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday, June 1, had a telephone conversation with his American counterpart Donald Trump. This was reported in the press service of the Kremlin.

According to the website of the Russian president’s administration, the conversation was initiated by the American side. During the conversation, Putin congratulated Trump on the successful launch of the Crew Dragon, on which two American astronauts arrived on the ISS the day before. The parties also reaffirmed their attitude towards cooperation in space.

An important topic of discussion was the measures taken to combat coronavirus in both countries. “Vladimir Putin expressed gratitude for the supply of American ventilators to Russia,” the Kremlin’s press service said.

In addition, the American president told Putin about his idea of ​​holding an expanded G-7 summit this year. “Trump informed about his idea of ​​holding a G-7 summit with a possible invitation from the leaders of Russia, Australia, India and the Republic of Korea,” the official statement said. Earlier it was reported that Trump is going to postpone the G7 summit until the fall, inviting the leaders of four more countries that are not members of the Seven, including Russia, to the event.

The previous conversation between the leaders of the two powers took place on March 30 this year. Then Putin and Trump discussed the situation with the pandemic and agreed to work more closely in this direction, and also talked about the situation on the oil market, agreeing on consultations on this subject at the level of energy ministers.

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