Pogroms and riots that began after the 46-year-old African American George Floyd died in the city of Minneapolis do not subside in the United States. The black man was the victim of overly harsh police detention. It happened on May 25, and almost immediately after that, a wave of protests swept the country. They started from the state of Minnesota, where Floyd lived, and from Minneapolis very quickly spread to other cities – Denver, Albuquerque, Louisville, Washington, New York.


The aggression of the protesters, which was originally directed against the arbitrariness of the security forces, soon began to splash out on objects that had nothing to do with Floyd’s death. Participants in street rallies began to smash shops and cafes, turn over and set fire to cars, and launch attacks on banks. Law enforcement officers began to use tear gas and stun grenades against the crowd; in response, protesters throw stones, firecrackers, glass bottles on them, and try to dazzle them with lasers. Police have yet to stop rioting.


“Pushkin” and its armed guard

As a result, business owners in the United States, ordinary Americans (and not only!) Had to stand up to protect their property, and in some cases even their health and life, without waiting for help from “worn-out” law enforcement officers. On Tuesday, June 2, a story spread around the media and social networks about how people in the American San Diego stood on the defensive of the Pushkin Russian restaurant, guarding the restaurant against a crowd of protesters.

As the owner of the establishment, Hayk Gazaryan, said, when the riots reached the city, he realized that it was time to do something. “My friends — the local Bukhara Jews, Azerbaijanis, Armenians, Russians, Ukrainians — all came together. Well, everyone has a gun license, “the man shared with reporters. – About ten people gathered” my friends, my guests in the restaurant, where we always walk, those who like this restaurant the most. Everyone brought weapons with them,” said the restaurateur to Channel Five observers.

When a crowd headed for the establishment, which had already routed several shops along the way, Gazaryan and his friends went out into the street with arms and stood at the entrance to the restaurant. Thus, the businessman explained, they wanted to make it clear to the protesters the seriousness of their intentions. As a result, the crowd passed the establishment without causing him harm.

“Losers and scum tear the city apart”

Today, a wave of pogroms and robberies swept through the country’s main metropolis – New York. Commenting on these events, US President Donald Trump appealed to the state leadership with the call to deploy the National Guard units as quickly as possible to help the police in restoring order in the city.

The corresponding message was published by American President Trump on Twitter “New York, activate the National Guard. The lowlifes and losers are ripping you apartAct fast!” Trump called.

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Earlier, the press service of the New York Police Department reported that during the protests and riots on Monday evening, June 1, and on Tuesday night, law enforcement officials had already detained more than 700 people. However, the unrest in the city has not yet subsided. In this regard, the mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, announced that until the end of this week a curfew will operate in the metropolis.

Joe Biden: time to earn political points

Meanwhile, the family of the dead African American George Floyd decided on the dates and places of his funeral. The farewell ceremony is scheduled for June 8 and 9 and will take place in Houston, Texas, where Floyd grew up. A man will be buried in one of the city cemeteries.

Today it became known that former Vice President of the United States Joseph Biden intends to take part in mourning events. Currently, the politician is seeking the nomination of a candidate from the Democratic Party in the presidential elections, which are scheduled for November this year. If this happens, he will become the main rival of Republican Trump.

“As we understand it, former vice president Joe Biden will be present,” Benjamin Kramp, Floyd’s family lawyer, told CNN.

The media also reported that after the death of Floyd, Biden called his family to express condolences. It is also known that the representative of the Democrats has repeatedly made statements in defense of the rights of African Americans. Now, in the wake of the turmoil, Biden called on Congress to immediately begin police reform in the country. In his opinion, urgent measures must be taken in the United States to ensure the full accountability of law enforcement, as well as legislatively prohibit police officers from using stifling methods during arrests.


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