The United States government says it will prevent Chinese airlines from flying into their country in response to what it says is a policy that has prevented US carriers from delivering services between the two countries.

The Department of Transportation restrictions will take effect on June 16 but could be enacted earlier if President Donald Trump decides to do so.

The department says the Chinese government is violating an agreement between the two countries for international travel by preventing United Airlines and Delta Air Lines from resuming transoceanic flights. Those airlines requested to resume service on June 1.

Trump is backing down says “I don’t think China caused the Corona virus to be intentional”

United, Delta, and American suspended service to China due to the coronavirus pandemic. The United States government also instituted travel restrictions to reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

The Department of Transportation order said that “Chinese aviation authorities have not allowed US airlines” to operate the routes they previously flew.

“The Department will continue to engage our Chinese counterparts so that American and Chinese operators can fully exercise their bilateral rights,” the department said in a statement. “In the meantime, we will allow Chinese airlines to operate the same number of regular passenger flights that the Chinese government allows ours.”

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