Black entrepreneur Robert Johnson, the founder of Black Entertainment Television, the main American cable television station for African Americans, has offered the US authorities to pay a large reparation to African Americans for the slavery that their ancestors were in.

According to Johnson, a number of reparations should be $14 trillion. “Now is the time to go big,” Robert Johnson said on CNBC.

He also suggested that such a move could reduce racial inequality in the country.

Trump throws additional forces to suppress #GeorgeFloyd protests

Observers noted that Johnson’s sum is almost equal to the annual GDP of the United States.

In many cities in the United States, mass protests by black people and social justice supporters over the brutal murder of African American George Floyd in Minneapolis have been going on for almost a week. Floyd died while being detained by law enforcement officers after one of the policemen pressed his knee on his neck for eight minutes, and the other two sat on his back and legs.

In many cities, protests escalated into clashes with law enforcement, arson, and robbery of shops. Despite this, the participants in the movement were able to enlist the support of public opinion and even knelt down and forced police officers to apologize in several cities.

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