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Love Bucket, which is doing everything wrong in the bedroom: “He thinks he’s a giant”

Love Bucket sex pose in bed sex position

If you are a heterosexual couple in search of a new challenge in the bedroom then “Love Bucket” is definitely the position for you!

Love Bucket is not for beginners in the game as it requires some skills and training. But the result is definitely worth it in the estimation of sexual therapist Sammi Cole, because the posture will make the male feel even bigger and thicker, and will increase the pleasure for both.

Sammi explains why this posture is so effective and why it offers a different kind of stimulation. Certainly, this is all about the status of the position. The tact and the agitating movement it creates are particularly pleasing to both individuals and offers a variety of options different from traditional drinking.

“Love Bucket is great for those men who need a little extra effort and women who get pleasure from the slower stimulation of the G spot. But just do it for me. Don’t try this after too much alcohol!”

In order to get you right into the frightening suit, the man has to sit down on a chair or on the bed. Next, the woman should turn to the man and sit in his arms. The woman then puts her feet on his shoulders while supporting her weight so you do not fall backward.

When the posture is reached, she backs down on him as he uses his hands to push and pull her, until you find a beat that works for both of you.

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