Police officer George Floyd’s knee is a metaphor for the reality that dark-skinned Americans face every day, according to Reverend Al Sharpton. He gave a heartfelt speech at Floyd’s memorial service tonight in Minneapolis.

“The reason we can never become what we want to be or dream of being is because you have our knees on our necks,” Sharpton told the attendees. Present were Floyd’s relatives and friends, along with politicians and religious leaders.

“It’s time we stood up in the name of Floyd and said: Take your knees off our necks,” Sharpton said.


The murder of Floyd has prompted racial prejudice and police violence to be challenged by force across the United States.

Thus, Floyd’s name has become a calling for struggle around the world. His family members knew him, though, as Perry and his neighbors called him Big Floyd. They remembered how easy it was for him to make friends and make others feel welcome.

“What I miss most are his embrace,” said Floyd’s Aunt Shareeduh Tate. “He was just a giant.”

Sharpton promised that Floyd’s name would not be forgotten.

“We’re continuing the road, George,” Sharpton said. “We will continue to fight, George.”

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