Russia answers the US call to “get out” of the Middle East
Prince Salman(L) and Vladimir Putin(R)

The official representative of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Maria Zakharova, commented on a statement made in the US Department of State that the Russian Federation should “get out” of the Middle East. This call was made by Assistant Secretary of State David Schenker.

“I would like to clarify which American project of the last two decades in the Middle East Schenker considers successful? We can’t remember. Only death and destruction,” Zakharova said in a comment to RIA Novosti.

For his part, a member of the Federation Council Oleg Morozov called the statement of the American diplomat rudeness and indulgence to Russophobes. He recalled that “in the name of their geopolitical ambitions, the Americans shed oceans of blood.”


“Americans come to foreign lands often illegally and start a war. We come when we are called to stop the war,” said the senator.

And his colleague Alexei Kondratyev, in turn, suggested that the “destructive” role of Russia in the Middle East “is that it prevents the United States from stealing Syrian oil.

“Russia respects the sovereignty of the countries of the Middle East, which cannot be said about America. The American forces, in fact, are occupying part of the territory of Syria today, the legal aspects of their presence in Iraq are also under a big question: the Iraqi parliament demanded that the United States withdraw troops,” MP Elena Panina, for her part, said.

She noted that if an employee of the State Department inquired about the opinion of the inhabitants of the Middle East and took it into account, then the United States would have to “get out”.

David Schenker said that “for 45 years, this has been the cornerstone of American politics – to keep Russians away from the Middle East.” He stated that “now they are there, they play a destructive role. And we, frankly, think that they should get out of there. ”


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