Katri Kulmuni has resigned as Finland’s Minister of Finance. She decides to quit following a media debate in connection with her ministry’s payment of high bills to the consulting firm which provided the Minister with training in conduct and speech.

The minister unexpectedly called a press conference today announcing the resignation. The meeting was short and reporters were not given the opportunity to ask questions.

Kulmuni, however, said that he intends to continue to serve as chairman of the Center Party and that the party will continue to be a member of the government. The party will in the coming days elect a new Minister of Finance.

Kulmuni explained at the press conference that she, as a minister, has requested training to become a better speaker. Therefore, she asked the ministry to see if she could receive training in public speaking. However, she was not aware that this would cause legal problems.

The minister said that the consultancy’s high accounts had surprised himself, but that she was prepared to assume responsibility and decided to resign.

Tekir’s consulting firm’s invoice amounted to EUR 48,000, which is equivalent to just over ISK 7 million.

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