57 police officers in Buffalo, New York state, submitted their resignation in solidarity with the two police officers who were arrested against the backdrop of pushing an elderly man and knocking him to the street, causing him to bleed and transporting him to the hospital in a “serious” condition, according to “CNN .”

The authorities are investigating the incident, which was circulated in a video, and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo described it as “unjustifiable and shameful.”

The video shows a line of police officers walking on a street, then two of them push the seventy years old man.


The accident occurred at Niagara Square in Buffalo in the midst of protests condemning the killing of George Floyd, the black man who was killed by a white policeman.


The city’s mayor’s office said that the 57 policemen had left the “emergency unit” but had not resigned from police service.

The office informed “CNN” that the 57 personnel currently constitute the total number of the emergency team in full service.

John Evans, president of the Buffalo Police Association, said Friday that they resigned because “they were resentful of the treatment of two colleagues who were simply following orders.”

The injured man, Martin Gonio, is in “serious but stable condition,” according to his lawyer, who explained that he was a peaceful protester who had long been active in the defense of human rights.

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