To this day, Iranian official authorities have been grappling with the repercussions of the killing of the former commander of the Quds Force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, Qassem Soleimani, and their official statements regarding the investigations of the raid carried out by an American plane near Baghdad airport in January, which led to his killing with Abu Deputy Leader of the Popular Mobilization Mahdi Al-Mohandes and some Crowd leaders.


Hours separated the statement of the spokesperson for the Iranian judiciary, Ghulam Hussein Ismaili, from the death sentence of Mahmoud Mousavi Majd after his conviction of spying for the United States and Israel by helping Washington locate Soleimani, and an explanation contradicting these statements published by the Iranian Judicial Authority News Agency (Mizan) and indicated that Mahmoud Mousavi Majd (known as the Spy of Jerusalem Corps) has nothing to do with the killing of Soleimani and that he was imprisoned during the American strike that led to his death.


Ismaili had said during a televised press conference that Mousavi Majd was convicted of spying on the Iranian armed forces “especially the Quds Force and the location and transportation of Soleimani” in exchange for large sums from both the Israeli Mossad and the CIA.

For its part, the Judicial Authority News Agency issued a statement in this regard, confirming that “all judicial procedures regarding the case of the CIA and Mossad espionage” were implemented long before the killing of Soleimani, and added that Mousavi’s glory file had nothing to do with Soleimani’s murder in the American raid, according to What was reported by “Iran International”.


“One of Mousavi Majd’s criminal charges is selling information about rampant movements and whereabouts of military leaders in the past, including Qasim Soleimani,” the judiciary news agency confirmed, noting that Mousavi Majd was arrested in October 2018, that is, before Soleimani was killed more than a year ago, which is Imprisoned throughout this period. ”

A reference to Ismaili and Mezzan did not reveal any information about a glorious Mousavi position in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.