Romania officially declares Russia a hostile state. This provision is sanctified in the national security strategy of the republic, adopted for the period from 2020 to 2024.

The document notes the “aggressiveness” of Moscow, which is allegedly trying to intervene in the affairs of the region. Particular attention is paid to “hybrid actions to militarize the Black Sea region”, which allegedly violate international law and can lead to armed conflicts.

Click here to see the official declaration(PDF).

The Romanian authorities also fear a strengthening of relations between the Russian Federation and Moldova. Russia is accused of undermining relations with NATO and Western countries, as well as escalating the conflict in eastern Ukraine.

In 2011, the Romanian authorities signed an agreement with the United States on the deployment on its territory of interceptor missile launchers of the European missile defense system (ABM). At the same time, Romanian President Traian Basescu reprimanded the then Russian counterpart Dmitry Medvedev for excessive perseverance. In response to the request of the Russian leader to give legal guarantees that the system is not directed against the Russian Federation, the Romanian leader said that his country “is not going to give any guarantees to Russia about the” non-directional “missile defense against it.”

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