On Tuesday, the governments of Spain, France, Germany, Denmark, Belgium, and Poland signed a letter addressed to the President of the European Commission (EC), Ursula Von der Leyen, to propose the creation of joint measures to guarantee better preparation and coordination between the countries of the bloc in the face of future pandemics.

The letter was signed by the President of the Spanish government, the socialist Pedro Sanchez; his French counterpart, Emmanuel Macron; German Chancellor Angela Merkel; and the heads of government of Denmark, Belgium, and Poland.



The coronavirus pandemic revealed the shortcomings of the health systems of countries around the world, including those of the European bloc, which is why the document seeks to guarantee in the long term the resistance of the EU to future health crises public.

The letter maintains that a joint preparation of the entire regional bloc would be much more efficient than that of each country separately, the EFE news agency reported.

The signatories agreed on several possible measures , including access to shared databases, the European contracting of basic supplies to prevent their shortages, and even promoting and optimizing the production of this type of material within the EU.

They also called for a common strategy for the provision and storage of medical equipment, medicines, protective equipment, and tests, and to guarantee stock of up to three months for the entire EU.

The leaders considered it “vital” that the EU increase its research capacity for the development of vaccines or the improvement of diagnoses and treatments, as well as the commitment to share the data obtained from these investigations.