The North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is planning to build a more powerful army to combat the US military threat. Then, US President Donald Trump and Kim’s meetings failed to improve states’ relations. North Korea’s Foreign Minister Ri Son Gwon said yesterday in a statement.

Ri also said Koreans would never again send Trump a package he could use to stave off his alleged achievements. Ri’s statement was posted on KCNA’s website, North Korea’s official media.

In that statement, Ri said hopes of improved North Korea and the United States had not been fulfilled. On the contrary, the situation had deteriorated, despite the efforts of the North Korean government. Ri refers, among other things, to the closure of a nuclear weapons experimental station and the remains of US troops sent to the United States.


In addition, he says that North Korea has stopped nuclear and missile experiments for a while. He says Americans have failed to keep their promises.

Trump and Kim at the time wrote a vague statement that the two parties have interpreted differently. The United States says Kim has agreed to release its nuclear weapons, which is why North Koreans disagree. The document itself said that North Korea would work on decommissioning the Korean Peninsula.

Then, the International Nuclear Agency states that North Korea has not stopped the state’s nuclear weapons program at all, as they have said.


Kim teams have wanted to get rid of business constraints and sanctions before taking action on the development of nuclear weapons and missiles to carry those weapons. However, Donald Trump’s government has said it will not be considered. First, at least the Koreans need to take a step toward disarmament.

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