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Thursday, February 2, 2023

A national magazine, Rose al-Yusuf or Rose al-Youssef in Egypt is asked for an apology

Rose al-Youssef or Rose al-Yusuf is again in controversy. Rose al-Youssef editor in chief is in questions.

The National Press Authority in Egypt referred the editor-in-chief, Hani Abdullah of the Rose al-Yusuf (or Rose al-Youssef) magazine to the investigation, because of the implications of the cover of the latest issue of “abuse of the Orthodox Church” in the country, and the editor in charge of the Coptic file was suspended until the investigations were completed.

Rose al-Youssef or Rose al-Yusuf Magazine Controvery

Egyptian websites circulated a picture of the cover of the number that was scheduled to be issued on Saturday and showing a picture of St. Raphael, bishop of churches in downtown Cairo, and next to him the guide of the Muslim Brotherhood Muhammad Badi, which the authorities classify as “terrorist” with the writing of “Holy ignorance. Killing in the name of the Lord. Bishops ally with COVID-19 against the Pope.”

In a statement, the commission decided to offer “an apology to the church and for the magazine in the next issue to apologize for the abuse in light of the good relations that link the authority, the press and the media with the holiness of the Pope and the Coptic brothers, in order to preserve the ancient history of Rose al-Yusuf magazine in defending the issues of national unity, and opening its pages, heart and mind since Created for home partners.”

Coptic Church’s responds Rose al-Youssef

The Coptic Orthodox Church, in a statement on its Facebook account, announced its strong condemnation against Rose al-Yusuf magazine saying “one of its bishops’ image on a national magazine’s cover, similar to the image of one of the traitors of the country, which is owned by the state.”

The church said in the statement against Rose al-Youssef magazine’s controversial material: “This is not considered under the field of freedom of expression. Rather, it is severe abuse and transgression that must not pass without an account from the authority responsible for this magazine. Also, such irresponsible actions will injure societal peace at a time when we need cooperation and solidarity under the circumstances.”

The Church’s statement concluded: “The Church is awaiting full restoration while retaining the legal right to prosecute the person responsible (Hani Abdullah, editor-in-chief of Rose al-Youssef magazine) for this.”

Rose al-Youssef published, on account of churches of central Cairo, a picture of the bishop with a word in which he said: “He taught me to win my enemies instead of defeating them after they were setting up hostility for me without reason. He gave me to love and bear everyone“.

The Rose al-Youssef (Rose al-Yusuf) magazine’s editor-in-chief, Hani Abdullah, expressed his surprise at the “campaign against the media against the cover image of the latest issue of the magazine and the accusation of insulting the church,” according to statements published by Al-Dustour newspaper.

He (Hani Abdullah, the editor-in-chief of Rose al-Youssef) explained that the cover image “does not carry a diminution or aims to cause a fall on the symbols of the Church, stressing that the aim is to support the Church’s decisions and its position in the issue of preventing prayers due to the Corona crisis.”

He continued: “The escalation of events in this manner is surprising. Once the cover photo is published, the church issued a statement calling for investigations into the case, although the controversial title is still in the printing press and has not been out of the market yet.”

Qamar Munawer
Qamar Munawer
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