A 23-year-old Iranian went to Abadan police station in Khuzestan province, with a blood-stained knife, and told the officers that he had killed his 19-year-old wife, and threw her near the Bahmanshir River because of “treason.”

Indeed, the officers went to the scene of the accident, and found that the young man had killed his wife, beheaded her, and dumped her near the river.

The husband said he killed his wife, his cousin because she fled home with another man just two days after their forced marriage last year.


He managed to find her after a year of searching in the city of Mashhad and told her that he forgave her and asked her to return to the house, and when they arrived in their city he killed her, the killer husband told The Eastern Herald.

This incident comes less than a month after Reda Al-Ashrafi’s daughter, Romina, 14, was killed by beheading as she slept after escaping with her boyfriend.

According to a research center of the Iranian armed forces in 2019, nearly 30 percent of all killings in Iran were on the pretext of “honor killings.”


It is an indication that Iran’s Penal Code provides for a reduced sentence of 3 to 10 years in prison, instead of death or life imprisonment for those who commit murder or physical abuse in the context of domestic violence or “honor killings.”

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