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Chantal Sarkis resigns from Lebanese Forces Party, but not from politics

Chantal Sarkis revealed what she will do after her sudden resignation from the party's general secretariat, considering that her resignation from her position does not mean her leaving politics.

Chantal Sarkis resigns from Lebanese Forces Party

Sarkis tweeted on her Twitter account, saying: “I submitted today my resignation from the leader of the Lebanese Forces Party, Samir Geagea.

The Lebanese newspaper, “An-Nahar”, stated that “Sarkis resigned from her position in the party and not from it, and that she decided to resign in order to establish a consulting company for her after working for years on the files of ministers (forces) and was completed in the file of the recent parliamentary elections.”

She added: Since the date of the elections after two years and no ministerial portfolios in the near term for the (forces) in the government, “she resigned because she does not want to pursue administrative work only in the party,” according to the information.

In her first comment, Sarkis affirmed that “the failure of the Lebanese President’s Party (Free Patriotic Movement) to manage the electricity file prompted the imagination of some of them to link between my resignation and the tight file prepared by Representative Antoine Habashi, which I did not participate in preparing.”

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She added, “I hope that Habashi continues to reveal the facts of the Cave of Electricity,” reports The Eastern Herald.

For his part, former Minister Kamil Abu Suleiman commented on the news of the resignation in his Twitter account, saying: “I met Dr. Sarkis and cooperated closely during the Ministry of Labor in the previous government, and I admired her professionalism and professionalism. I thank her for supporting me in my duties and I wish her all the best.”

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