Director Emir Kusturica pointed out during the online international conference “Belgrade Counterpoint” that the title “Fear and jeans never go out of fashion” characterized the dual appearance of the coronavirus.

  • I watched on Youtube, where the French Nobel laureate proved in a TV show that the coronavirus was actually produced in a laboratory and that he had proof that it was true, and then four journalists, like four eagles, as wise opponents tried to convince him that he says a sentence that is an atomic bomb, and the man was just repeating that he could easily prove it to everyone – stated Kusturica.

Kusturica added that the force with which the journalists attacked one scientist reminded him that the duality of the appearance of this myth has its true source. He added that he personally believes in crypto-historiographical phenomena that explain 50 years later what happened earlier.

  • The basic concept that leads me to doubt that in addition to the fact that this virus exists and is dangerous is actually one of the new paths paved with new virtual channels in which human consciousness becomes part of a fiction that is created very easily and on the very idea that fear and jeans are always in fashion, a new sociological phenomenon is being created that is unknown so far – said, Kusturica.

Kusturica says that the coronavirus, which optically reminds him of Kraljevic Marko’s mace, is a very effective political action and a very good market product.

  • How we are prepared for the corona – reality as a concept has long since moved into our consciousness and lives – said, Kusturica.

Mass culture

He added that the world drama suffered the most terrible blow and turned into a self-installation of art that is not a work, but a setting, a possible joke, and that, on the other hand, there is everyday life in which so many things happen that both art and literature are irrelevant.

  • Where do those things happen – they are exhausted in the reality show to such an extent that we can most easily hate ourselves – Kusturica pointed out.

Kusturica stated, among other things, that today we live in a mass culture in which individual moves are very successfully marginalized, and emphasized that there is no mythology other than Hollywood, which has a very strong propaganda in the world.

He emphasized that reading is one of the remaining intimate treasures that a person has today because that is the only way he can step out of time and only in that way can he prolong his life.

Conference participants

Apart from Kusturica, one of the moderators, Minister of Culture and Information of Serbia Vladan Vukosavljevic, then Russian prose and playwright Dmitry Danilov, Spanish poet, travel writer and translator Eduardo Moga, American prose writer by origin, spoke at tonight’s online conference on “Art and Myth Today”. from Belgrade Tea Obrecht, prose and playwright from Northern Macedonia Aleksandar Prokopiev, is one of the most performed Canadian playwrights and professor of theater art Vern Thyssen and Austrian historian, publicist and publisher Hannes Hofbauer.

An online conference was held on the Youtube channel of the Institute for the Study of Cultural Development, due to the danger of the spread of the coronavirus epidemic.


The international conference Belgrade Counterpoint has been held since 2017, organized by the Ministry of Culture and Information of Serbia as the initiator and the Institute for the Study of Cultural Development as the implementer.

The idea of ​​the gathering is to bring together artists and thinkers from different parts of the world, whose work significantly contributes to the understanding of contemporary world trends, ie the situation in which man finds himself today.


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