Turkish Defense Minister Khulusi Aqar announced that the forces participating in the “Tiger Claw” operation have bombed more than 700 targets of the PKK terrorist organization, since its launch in northern Iraq.

Aggar made an inspection tour at a military point near the “Tiger Claw” operation area, accompanied by Turkish army leaders, to follow up the operation of the operation from the command center on the border, reports The Eastern Herald.

Kad, along with senior military officials, conducted the “Tiger’s Claw” operation and monitored field developments from the center until late Friday night/Saturday.

Akar pointed out, in statements, that the Turkish armed forces stormed and destroyed the dens and hideouts of terrorists over their heads as part of the military operation.

He said: “Since the beginning of the operation, about 150 caves and a large amount of ammunition were controlled and more than 160 explosive devices were destroyed, in addition to bombing more than 700 targets.”

The Turkish minister stressed that his country respects the territorial integrity of all neighboring countries, and supports peace and quiet in it.

After visible contacts with the commanders of the military units, the minister moved to Agar to a point adjacent to the Iraqi border, including a Turkish military base, to see developments.

The Operation “Tiger Claw” was launched at sunrise Wednesday, in the “Haftanin” region in northern Iraq, against the elements of the “PKK” organization and other terrorist organizations.

Turkish air raid in Northern Iraq kills a civilian

This operation is the second in northern Iraq against the terrorist organization, after the “Eagle Claw” that was launched at sunrise on Monday.

It is noteworthy that the terrorist organization “PK Ka” takes its stronghold in Qandil Mountains in northern Iraq, and it is active in many cities and towns, occupies a large number of villages in the region, and launches attacks on the Turkish interior.

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