“IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guards Commander) Major General Hossein Salami has appointed Brigadier General Hossein Nejat as his deputy commander in charge of Sarallah, the most important security command in Tehran,” reports Radio Farda of Iran.

Radio Farda added that in theory, the headquarters is under the direct leadership of the commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, but he warrants his authority to his deputy, so Hussein Najat is considered the actual leader of the unit in Tehran.

And “Sarallah” is considered the most important security force in the capital, Tehran, as it is charged with protecting the capital and important government institutions in the city against any threats, including riots, anti-government protests, or military threats against the government, such as the coup, locals suggested The Eastern Herald correspondent.


Indeed, the headquarter was a powerful tool in suppressing the anti-government demonstrations in the country in 2009, 2018 and 2019.

The new commander is one of the officers who have great confidence in Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, and he previously worked for 10 years (2000-2010) as the leader of the unit responsible for guarding the guide.

Hossein Nejat participated in the Iran-Iraq war, and worked in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard for 40 years, including many years with the former Iranian Revolutionary Guard commander Mohsen Rezaei in the intelligence unit.

Hossein Nejat also played a major role in suppressing the 2009 protests in Tehran, and he was appointed as one of the leaders of the Muslim Fighters Association, and in 2016, Najat was appointed senior deputy chief of intelligence in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, and he remained in this position until the spring of 2019, during which period the intelligence organization became The Revolutionary Guard is more powerful and closer to Khamenei’s office.

After the recent changes in the structure of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Command network in 2019, Najat moved to become the deputy commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard for Cultural Affairs.


In addition to being close to the current leader, Hossein Nejat has close ties to Ali Khamenei’s son, Mujtaba Khamenei, the likely candidate to succeed the leader, and is a member of an entire network of Islamic Revolutionary Guard leaders close to Mujtaba, known as the “Habib Brigade,” which is a circle of Hardline and more aggressive elements in the security and intelligence forces against opponents.

Najat’s appointment to this position came at a time when Iran fears that the current economic crisis will lead to more protests and riots in the future, so the most trusted and repressive leaders and officials are appointed to the head of important military, security and intelligence institutions, according to Radio Farda.

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