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The head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, who visited the Greek-Turkish border on Wednesday, expressed the solidarity of the European Union with Greece in the face of Turkey’s unfriendly actions.

“We share your interest, we discussed how we can stop the dynamics of escalation. No one but Greece has such good reasons to be a good neighbor. The European Union is conceived in order to become good neighbors. Because, ultimately, we must become good neighbors,” Josep Borrell said at a joint press conference with the Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias.

Borrell added that he was told about Turkey’s intensification of the Greek border’s air flights over Turkey, violations of the Greek national airspace and territorial sea, and about Turkey’s drilling and maritime claims in the eastern Mediterranean.

Borrell said that he thinks that they should defend their interests and strive to restore confidence. He added that he believes that it is in their interests, the interests of the European Union, Turkey and Greece to try to solve current difficulties and improve their relations,” he said, expressing hope that his meetings on Wednesday with the Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Minister of Defense of Greece will allow “to develop a common agenda to expand cooperation on all issues of common interest and count on dialogue with Turkey to protect their interests and promote regional stability.”

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