The Egyptian authorities announced on Saturday the execution of a Libyan militant who had been convicted earlier of carrying out an attack targeting Egyptian security forces in the western Wahat region.

The Egyptian Ministry of Defense said in a statement that the death sentence was carried out against the Libyan Abdul Rahim Al-Mismari, the mastermind of the oasis attack that killed 16 security officials in October 2017.

The statement added that the charges that Al-Mismari was convicted included “establishing and joining the terrorist Al-Fateh organization in the state of Libya, targeting law enforcement forces from the armed forces and the civil police, destroying their weapons and equipment, and the impossibility of conducting hostile operations against them and targeting public and vital establishments.”


The charges also included “the planned killing of a number of officers and members of the Ministry of the Interior’s mission force to attack the hideouts of the terrorist organization in the Bahariya Oasis region.”

In November 2017, the Egyptian authorities arrested Al-Mismari, from the Libyan city of Derna, after an airstrike that killed the remaining perpetrators of the attack.

In an interview with an Egyptian channel after his arrest, Al-Mesmari said that he and other fighters have been operating from the Western Desert in Egypt since January 2017.

Al-Mesmari asserts that he and his hard-line colleagues embrace thought close to al-Qaeda’s ideology and that they consider the United States as their greatest enemy, and also oppose ISIS, reports The Eastern Herald.


The Egyptian authorities say that Al-Mismari received training in camps inside the Libyan territories, to use heavy weapons and manufacture explosives, and to infiltrate Egypt to establish a training camp in the desert region of the oases as a nucleus of a terrorist organization, as a prelude to carrying out a series of hostilities against worship houses and some vital establishments.


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