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According to the reports based on official sources at least, 10,063,319 were infected of which 500,108 have died, particularly in Europe, the most affected continent with 2,637,546 cases and 195,975 deaths, and the United States (2,510,323 cases and 125,539 deaths).

The rate of spread of the pandemic continues to accelerate, with one million new infections reported in just six days, particularly in America, the current epicenter of the disease.



However, these figures only reflect part of the reality, since many countries do not carry out diagnostic tests or do not have sufficient resources to carry out massive detection campaigns.

Although the increase in confirmed cases is due in part to more diagnostic tests being done, experts say there is abundant evidence that the pandemic is regaining the momentum in the United States, such as a boom in deaths and hospitalizations in parts of the country or a higher rate of diagnostic tests that test positive.

The rebound in the United States has sparked concern abroad. It seemed certain that the European Union would ban Americans from entering any time soon, within the new travel rules that are being prepared, according to EU diplomats.

After the USA, Brazil remains in the second position as the most affected country. On the last day, it added 38,700 positives, with a total of 1.3 million infections and 57,070 deaths. Russia is in the third box, with 626,779 positives and 8,958 deaths.

In the fourth position, India has already crossed the threshold of half a million infections, with a total of 528,859 positives and 16,095 deaths, after breaking its daily record for the fifth consecutive day, this time with 20,095 infections. Then, the United Kingdom registers 311,727 infected people and 43,598 deaths, ahead of Peru, with 275,989 patients and 9,135 deaths.

For its part, Chile has 267,766 people with coronaviruses and 5,347 deaths, while Spain has 248,469 infected and 28,341 dead. After Spain, Italy accumulates 240,136 infected and 34,716 fatalities.

Then, Iran already adds 220,180 cases and 10,364 deaths, followed by Mexico, which registers 212,802 cases, with 26,381 deaths, ahead of Pakistan, with 202,955 cases and 4,118 deaths; the last country incorporated in the last hours into the group with more than 200,000 affected.

Still below 200,000 infections in France, with 199,473 infections and 29,781 deaths, ahead of Turkey, with 195,883 cases and 5,082 deaths, and Germany, which has confirmed 194,458 cases and 8,968 deaths.

Closing the group of more than 100,000 infections are Saudi Arabia, with 178,504 infected and 1,511 deaths; Bangladesh, with 133,978 sick and 1,695 fatalities; South Africa, with 131,800 cases and 2,413 deaths; and Canada, with 104,878 people with coronaviruses and 8,576 deaths.


The first recorded death from the virus was on January 9, a 61-year-old man from the Chinese city of Wuhan who was a regular shopper at a market that has been identified as the source of the outbreak. In just five months, the number of COVID-19 deaths is now equal to the number of people dying annually from malaria, one of the deadliest infectious diseases. The average death rate is 78,000 per month, compared to 64,000 AIDS-related deaths and 36,000 deaths from malaria, according to 2018 figures from the World Health Organization.


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