Sapna Choudhary, an alluring Haryanvi dance performer, known for her stage performances, began her journey from Ragini dance Orchestra facing hurdles to nationwide acknowledgment as a dancer. Actress/dancer being concerned about recent controversies and mishappening took the veil off from Bollywood’s dark secrets.

Sapna Choudhary was born in Mahipalpur, New Delhi. Who began working hard from a very young age to become a well-known dance performer, also had a few critical years of her career embedded with depression. In the course talking about Nepotism in the Film Industry, relating it to Sushant Singh Rajput’s tragedy, she expresses grief that almost every artist goes through when the public fires comment over them. Being an outsider, she feels these days Nepotism exists in almost every field.

Days passed to the unfortunate incident of actor Sushant Singh Rajput who gave us lesson learning movies as MS DHONI: THE UNTOLD STORY, CHICHHORE, and more went far away from us. The incident left us in vexation and unbearable pain. Many are raising voice against Bollywood’s underhand unscrupulous sham. Many artists raged in favor of nepotism, and many find it irrelevant. Sapna Choudhary, who encountered and fought criticism in her remarkable journey of a career with not belonging to any filmy family, expressed her views. According to her, nepotism exists in every regional film industry, be it the Bhojpuri film Industry, the Haryana film industry, or even film industries of South. She finds Nepotism desirable in its own way while criticizing the public to, has their eyes closed to the fact of his sufferings and expressing sympathy only as a formality, as it can’t bring the person back.


“Jab Insaan Zinda hota hai tab uski itni kadar nahi hoti, lekin jab vo chala jata hai sab kuch chor-char toh kaafi log aa jate hain ki.. aap yeh the aap vo the, aap yeh kar rahe the aap vo kar rahe the.”

She claims the success of any actor or actress depends on the audience or their fans, which she finds as a dim factor in Sushant Singh Rajput’s case. At the same time, she feels that God has blessed her with loving fans.

The dancer also portrays our focus on the reality that nepotism exists in almost every field. She spots herself not being in favor of the step Sushant Singh Rajput took while he dwelled in depression as she is a suicide survivor herself.

“Hospital mei 8 din baad jab hosh aya aur meine apne parivar ke logo ko dekha toh Mujhe khud pe sharm aayi aur meine Mann hi mann mei khudko hazar gaaliyan di”

Working hard and fighting negativity is part of life, and backing off is not an option, She said. She confronts the depressed feelings an artist goes through when his or her fans respond negatively or inactively. She believes that the internal environment of the film industry somehow affects and depletes the morale of newcomers and might have contributed to Sushant Singh Rajput’s unexpected step. She doesn’t believe in showing off her good deed to media just to gain publicity like many artists do. According to her, mostly a newcomer who turns to an artist later in his or her career feels humiliated when reminded consecutively of his or her past.

While talking about her journey: from Ragini Orchestra to her own stage shows across the country, she had to face many negative comments from her relatives, audience. Moreover, she is yet subject to negative remarks by her co-stars. But she gives credit to her family for her success, who supported her despite the public’s criticism.

She lost her father (in 2008) in the 8th standard, When she was just 12 years old, her life went through an enormous transition. Since then, she had been looking after her family. She described the cons experienced at the beginning as a dancer, where she had to face negative remarks and slangs irrespective of her performance. Mostly, in the beginning, she used to travel with her mother covering long-distance, which took hours or even days to reach. In the course of the journey, she uses to come across different people staring inappropriately. 

“kaise kaise logo se joojh kar jati thi, kaise kaise logo ki nazron ka samna karna padta tha, beithe beihte nazron se log balatkar kardiya karte the chhune ki bhi zarurat nahi hoti thi…”

“Back when I used to perform on stage, I had to face extreme criticism as every dancer or performer for most of the people is characterless whether she is a stage performer or orchestra dancer.” – Sapna Choudhary.

Talking about recent controversies, Sapna replied to Manoj Bajpayee’s statement of nepotism being a curse for the industry. She advises not to judge anyone, especially when the person is no more. While talking about nepotism, she revealed different facets of the industry, where hardworking and talented actors are neglected, in seconds. Where composers don’t get their name associated with song tracks. Where a singer after spending the whole day in the studio at the end of the day realizes he or she doesn’t have his or her voice in the song.

“Lightman ko aise treat Kiya jata hai Jaise vo baap ka naukar ho air producer ki vaah vaah isliye hoti hai kyuki vo paise deta hai”

According to her, be it lightman, spot boy, they are also human and, fair and equal treatment must be their first agendum as a human. As much as a producer is respected, no one else is, she professed. Director often does not give attention to an actor’s or actress’s point of view until and unless he or she somehow belongs to the production house.

Sapna Choudhary replies to Divya Khosla’s allegations against Sonu Nigam “campaign ke peeche bolna asaan hai lekin ground level pe newcomer ko start-up Nahi Diya“. To her, Sonu Nigam is a great artist, but if he could have raised his voice before the incident, life would have been saved.

Sapna Choudhary mocks at Karan Johar’s statement pointing out, it to be useless in which he blames himself for not helping Sushant despite knowing his emotional state. She supports Karan Johar’s claim of having his own production house, thus his wish to launch any star, she also advises to launch a deserving newcomer rather than a bunch of star kids at the same time. On Mahesh Bhatt and Rhea Chakraborty’s controversy, it might be true according to her but she does not care.

“Pehli baar big boss mei jaana aisa tha ki bachi sasural gayi hai..”

When we rolled into the discussion on BIG BOSS 11, She had been visiting BOG BOSS as a guest.  It was a “VIP jail”, she exclaimed. For her staying away from her family was very difficult but was worth the experience. BIG BOSS is a great platform for newcomers to gain publicity and become a celebrity, she said.

Taking Kangana Ranaut’s video regarding Sushant Singh Rajput’s case, she finds Kangana right and supports her claim against the industry to practice Nepotism and she might even stand with her whenever it will be needed.

With consciousness, she advises everyone to stay at home until the pandemic reliefs. We may see her working in new movies with different roles assigned at the beginning of 2021. As her concerns regarding society, we might watch her working for public welfare in the future.