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Monday, May 29, 2023
Conflicts, Military and WarThe Libyan army begins activating the border security points with Tunisia

The Libyan army begins activating the border security points with Tunisia


On Saturday, the Libyan army started activating the border security points in the western region with Tunisia, by strengthening the security presence in them and providing them with the human component and technical equipment.

This came in statements by the Chief of Staff of the Border Guard and vital targets of the Libyan army, Major General Nuri Sharata, published on the Facebook page of the army’s “Operation Volcano of Wrath”.

And the police said, “The border guards started to activate the border points with Tunisia from Ras Jedir to the point of Amchik (West).”

He added, “The Chief of Staff of the Border Guard is directly responsible for securing the borders and combating human trafficking, illegal immigration and all types of smuggling.”

“The movements of the border guards came after the liberation of the western areas from the militaries of Khalifa Haftar, to provide the necessary capabilities for the forces stationed at those points,” the police said.

During the control of Haftar militia in some areas of the Libyan West, there was a slight leniency in protecting the borders, and some security personnel left the border security points, which led to an increase in smuggling of all kinds.

And recently, the Libyan army achieved victories, most notably the expulsion of the Haftar militia from the entire administrative border of Tripoli, Tarhuna, and the entire cities of the western coast to the border with Tunisia, the Al-Wattia air base, and towns in the western mountain.

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Qamar Munawer
Qamar Munawer
Associate Editor at The Eastern Herald.

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