The head of defense industries in the Turkish administration, Ismail Demir, announced the success of the second test of the marine “ATMACA” missile, hitting his target with a range exceeding 200 km.

Demir said on his Twitter page, that the Turkish-made missile had hit its target over a distance of more than 200 km.

He said, “This ammunition missile flew away this time, fully fulfilling the expected functions. We are preparing to include the mobile missile in the arsenal of the Turkish army.”

It should be noted that the first test was carried out in November 2019, and was launched from the “Qinali Ada” warship.

And “ATMACA” means Turkish Falcon, it is the first Turkish cruise missile, produced by the Turkish company “Defense Rukitsan”.

As he enters the Turkish army’s arsenal, the latter will dispense with American “Harpoon” missiles.

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Muzaffar Ahmad Noori Bajwa
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