The results of the parliamentary elections in Croatia are slowly arriving, and the final results are awaited.

Judging by the convincing victory, the HDZ led by Andrej Plenkovic won, according to the votes counted so far, as many as 69 seats. The Restart coalition, led by the SDP, led by Davor Bernardic, won 44 seats.

The Homeland Movement with Miroslav Skor won 15 seats, while Most won 6 seats, and the platform Mozemo! four terms.


Reformists and HNS won two seats each, and Pametno, Fokus, and SSIP won one seat.

The Parliament consists of 151 deputies, of which 140 in ten constituencies in Croatia, three from the diaspora, while eight seats will belong to national minorities.

There is great interest in a seat in the parliament, with an average of 17 candidates competing for each, with an average age of 48.6 years. Slightly more than 3.8 million voters voted, for which a total of 6,999 polling stations were opened in Croatia and 42 countries.

The competencies of the Croatian Parliament are primarily changes to the Constitution, the adoption of laws, the budget, calling elections and referendums, and overseeing the work of the state government. The majority in Parliament elects the Prime Minister who forms the Government.

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