Seven Azerbaijani army soldiers, including an officer with the rank of major general, were killed during clashes that broke out with the Armenian side in the border area.

Azerbaijani Deputy Minister of Defense Karim Waliev confirmed in press statements, on Tuesday, the destruction of a large number of vehicles and military sites of the Armenian army during the ongoing clashes two days ago.

He pointed out that about 100 Armenian army soldiers were killed during the clashes.


He added: “Major General Bulad Hashimov, and Colonel Ilgar Mradayev, were killed during the clashes this morning, in addition to the two ranks of a major, two non-commissioned officers and a soldier.”

The Azerbaijani Ministry of Defense released new videos airspace, showing the targeting of Armenian sites.

On Sunday, the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan announced the registration of an Armenian army assault with artillery, targeting its forces in the border area of ​​Tuvuz.

Since 1992 Armenia has occupied about 20% of the Azerbaijani lands, which includes the Karagh region and 5 other provinces in the west of the country, in addition to large parts of the provinces of “Agdam” and “Nosy”.

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