Dubai is considered as one of the world’s most luxurious destinations where people love doing amazing stuff. From its magnificent skyline to its glistening sandy shores, whether you visit to see its daring architectural sights, its thriving modern art scene, or its fashionable collection of fine restaurants, bars, and boutiques, or even the world’s tallest building. You will certainly find a slice of the luxury life here.

Occasionally, most of the luxury concierge companies are faced with extraordinary requests that lack patience, knowledge, and expertise. Moreover, a client may stipulate special activities that vary depending on whims, preconceived notions of his/her preferred destination, or specific interests the client may have.

On top of that, sometimes the client might insist on traveling alone to places distant from the main destinations or prefer to be part only of a small, lonely group sharing the same interests. However, these demands might put off some concierge companies, no need to worry as there are numerous companies that delight in pleasing even the most required demand.



Many of the concierge companies generally rely on experience, along with their knowledge of a particular region, to craft specialty trips for travelers with high and demanding standards.

Among the most successful of these is Secret Circle Concierge – also known as SCC, “a luxury concierge company, based in Dubai” specializing in both luxury travel and private tours.

Secret Circle Concierge is one of those extraordinary companies that manages to echo its owner’s personality and outlook along with its extraordinary and refined services. It was founded in September 2017 by Nabil Djabbari.


Who is Nabil Djabbari?

Nabil Djabbari is a German entrepreneur who has spent more than a decade roaming the globe and consequently acquired a colorful and eclectic travel resume that includes semesters of studying Hotel Management at the Famous Hotel University in Heidelberg. He has an experience of 15 years in hospitality and has worked in cities like Hamburg, Munich, London, LA, Dubai, etc.

“I’ve always been a workaholic and have been working all of my life in hospitality. Moreover, I’ve experienced a lot over the last 15 years and now I know what real luxury life looks like and what different people like.”- says Nabil.

What is Secret Circle Concierge?

Secret Circle Concierge is one of the top luxury lifestyle 24/7 concierge companies based in Dubai, which provides luxury services from A-Z and plan holidays mainly in Dubai, and also other famous destinations.


SCC offers an extensive and exclusive range of various lifestyle experience and luxury services on any day, at any time. They also have a superb relationship with a lot of well-known companies within the hotel industry and lifestyle sector. SCC is always available whether it is a last-minute restaurant booking or a beach club visit, nightlife experience, car and chauffeur services, or even your own private event.

Entertainment seems to exist around every corner of the city, whether it’s in a relaxed night spent on a club, or in the desert safari that will take you to the outer limits of the area, soaring across a rollercoaster series of sand dunes.

Moreover, the itinerary is highly flexible and offers private guides, dining experience, beach & pools, yacht, luxury cars, etc. The reasonable-priced tour highlights important places that you should visit in Dubai. It explains both the significance and the cultural importance of such sites.


According to GrandioseDigitalMedia, Secret Circle Concierge “works very closely with travel agents” while organizing a particular schedule. Once the preliminary arrangements have been made, they make a detailed and confirmed itinerary.


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