I wanted to make a post about the world of Harry Potter for a long time. And what could be better than conspiracy theories and conspiracy theories in magic?

This is a compilation of what I read and my own reasoning.

Let’s start!


Theory number 1. Harry, Dumbledore, and Tom Riddle Jr. are relatives.

In the tale of Bard Beadle, there is a story about three brothers who received the deathly hallows. The elder brother chose an elder wand, the middle resurrection stone, while the younger asked for the wisest gift, namely the Invisibility Cloak.

The ring with the resurrection stone was kept as a relic of the antiquity of the clan in the Mrax family. Meropa Mrax was the mother of Voldemort. But the truth about the essence of the resurrection stone was lost and the last Glooms did not know that this was one of the gifts of death. So Tom Riddle Jr. is a descendant of the middle brother, although he himself did not know it. I think such a relationship would be another reason for pride for all his followers.

The invisibility cloak was also inherited by Harry. It was passed from father to son for generations, which is written in the fairy tale itself. Harry is the heir to his younger brother.

But what about the older brother? Brother of Harry and Tom’s ancestors did not really have time to use his gift, he too boasted of an elderberry wand. It is not clear whether the unbridled pride of the elder brother served this, or whether a curse hung on a stick that shortened the life of the owner of this gift. If the middle and younger brothers passed their gifts to relatives, then the gift of the older brother himself is looking for a master and it is very symbolic that in the end, he passed on to a descendant of the first owner. So at the end of the story of the deathly hallows (yes, it turns out the books were about that), all descendants receive their magical artifact, and in the same order as in the tale itself. Dumbledore receives the first gift. As a descendant of his elder brother, he gets the elderberry wand won in the battle with Green de Wald. As we know, the stick itself chooses its owner, therefore, Dumbledore was able to defeat his extraordinary opponent, armed with a powerful magic wand. I hope the Fantastic Beasts will not change this concept.

The second gift is the resurrection stone. Tucked away in a conspicuous place in the ring, it conceals amazing properties that many generations of owners no longer know about. Ring with a stone Tom takes away from his uncle, killing him. So the second gift passes into the hands of the last descendant of the middle brother.

The third time in history receives his gift to Harry. Dumbledore gives the invisibility cloak for Christmas.

So, Dumbledore embodies the features of an older brother: namely leadership abilities, a thirst for power and recognition, pride. Yes, all this is in him, although we are used to seeing him differently. Dumbledore himself (just like Galadriel) avoided open power over the wizarding world, knowing about his negative sides. But his letters to Grindelwald confirm unflattering character traits.

The same as the middle brother wants to be able to resurrect loved ones. And since he loves only himself, then he embodied this fixed idea all his life.

Harry wanted to leave alive, he was not afraid of death and left with her on an equal footing, like his younger brother. This leads to the second theory.

Theory # 2 Dumbledore death avatar.

Going to a meeting in the forest with Voldemort, Harry is the owner of all three deathly gifts: stone, mantle, and wand. Although the latter is in the hands of his opponent, he considers Harry to be the owner. Yes, that’s so confusing.

Harry falls, struck by the spell of Abracadabra, and ends up at Kings Cross Station.

Like his younger brother in Beadle’s tale, Harry walked towards death by accepting it.

“He met Death as a longtime friend and as equals they left this world.” Direct quote from a fairy tale. And at the station, he meets with a long-time friend and mentor, Albus, and is talking on equal terms with him. Harry realizes that he has the choice to go further or to go back. As the owner of all three Deathly Hallows can defeat her.

Theory number 3. Harry doesn’t like Muggles and Mudbloods.

The controversial theory has a right to exist. With Muggles, everything is clear. The Dursleys represent all the Muggle antagonism. Gray, fat, selfish, stupid, angry in relation to everything unusual. Smug. The book does not mention Harry’s connections to the Muggle world. Perhaps after the last nod of Aunt Petunia in Book 7, Harry will not meet with his Muggle relatives. But didn’t he have Muggle friends as a kid? Like Severus and Tom Riddle, our Harry was not Muggle friendly. Absolutely. He did not communicate, subconsciously did not consider them equal to himself, or they rejected him, feeling his unusual nature. But what about the Mudbloods? After all, Hermione Granger is his best friend. At first, he didn’t want to be friends with her, unlike the instant friendship with purebred Ron. Hermione could be annoying, and yet they became best friends. The only Muggle friend. Now let’s remember the list of his friends. Neville is a dear faithful friend from a purebred family. Best friend – Ron (thoroughbred). Ginny’s girlfriend and future wife are a thoroughbred. Luna is a thoroughbred. Zhou – purebred or half-breed. Is this a crucifix inside Harry choosing friends for the purity of blood or the hero of the book himself subconsciously sought to reduce communication with the Muggles. Questions, some questions)

Theory number 4. Harry the Cross and his influence on the characters of people.

Professor McGonagall has been watching the Dursleys all day long in the form of a cat and comes to an unpleasant conclusion. The family is nasty and rude. Little Dudlik shoves Petunia, she does not react at all to the pranks of her son. And then Harry appears, and then as in a nightmare. He lives in a closet under the stairs, he plays the role of a housekeeper in the Dursleys family, he has all the old clothes and zero gifts for his birthday. The theory offers us a different view of these facts. The whole point is in the crucifix. He awakened in Muggles the most unpleasant in their far from ideal traits. Remember when Ron wore a crucifix medallion for a long time, how nasty he was made. But he is a magician and has a natural resistance to magic. How then did the Muggles change under the influence of the crucifix 7 days a week? No, there is no need to justify this family, but the Horcrux clearly had power over them.

Theory number 5. Anagrams and acronyms.

Tom Riddle boasted that he knew Hogwarts like no one else and penetrated all its secrets. Yes, he found the Help-Room and the Chamber of Secrets. But what else? The secret lies in the name of Hogwarts and the names of its founders. It’s a coincidence, but all the founders’ first and last names began with the same letter. Godric Gryffindor ( Godric Gryffindor ), Salazar Slytherin ( Salazar Slytherin), Candida Kogtevran (Rowena Ravenclaw), and Penelope Puffenduy (Helga Hufflepuff).

These are not their real names, but aliases and even more, these are protective spells. Just like Hogwarts is an acronym. The name retains the initial letters of the founders’ surnames. g-Gryffindor. s-Slytherin. r-Ravenclaw. H- Hufflepuff. There are still letters; well: Oh, w, a, t. Perhaps these are the initial letters of the surname of the first teachers, or these are the first letters of the real surnames of the founders. Strange, except for Elena Kogtevran, we do not know a single descendant or relative of the founder of the school with the same surname. Slytherin’s famous descendants were the Mraxes and the Seira. Penelope Hufflepuff’s famous descendants have the surname Smith. No wonder that Zachariah studies at Hufflepuff. When Harry gets into the Gordrikova Depression, he finds the name Perevell and some Abbot. It is strange that in Godric’s Hollow there is not a single ancestor of the founder of Gryffindor himself. Maybe,

Dumbledore said that the school had an ancient spell. And this enchantment is in the very name of the school. Inspired by the experience of his ancestors, Tom Riddle himself turned his name into a spell.

Theory # 6. The curse of the Marauder’s card.

Hogwarts is an amazing place filled with magic, it protects its students, lives its own life on the example of a help-room. It also prohibits transgression within its borders. But there is an amazing magic card that unlocks everyone in Hogwarts. Isn’t it too cool to do student work? The theory is that the famous four friends performed an ancient spell to create a map. Each of them sacrificed, in proportion to his power, his own life. James as the strongest left first, then the talented Sirius, Lupine and, finally, the weakest Tail.

These are the theories)


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