The Iraqi Security Media Cell confirmed, on Sunday, that “two consecutive explosions occurred in the Saidiya area near the Hilla highway – Baghdad, specifically at the Falcon base.”

In Baghdad, witnesses said that violent explosions and clouds of smoke rose from the Al-Saqr military base south of the capital, after hearing the sounds of rockets targeting the military headquarters occupied by the federal police, the Iraqi army, and the popular crowd.

Witnesses told The Eastern Herald that the sounds of explosions and smoke clouds dispersed suggest that there was “more than one missile that had landed inside the base near the Dora area, and that a violent explosion was heard from the direction of weapons or fuel tanks.”

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A journalist living in the area told The Eastern Herald that he and his family felt “the windows were shaking before they heard the sound of the explosion,” adding “this was repeated three times.”

No one has claimed responsibility for the targeting so far, but activists say he was involved with heavy air traffic over the base before the attack.

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