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Joint military exercises of the armed forces of the country together with the army of Turkey are starting in Azerbaijan. Turkish military transport aircraft arrived in Baku, delivering soldiers and military equipment, including assault helicopters. The exercises are taking place against the background of the aggravation of the border conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan, as a result of which there are losses on both sides. According to experts, the exercise is most likely caused by the desire of the Turkish authorities to show their readiness to support their allies. How far Erdogan is ready to intervene in the Karabakh conflict – “MK” learned from experts.

Large-scale joint military exercises of the armed forces of Azerbaijan and Turkey will begin this week on Azerbaijani territory. The exercises will last until August 10. The Air Force and Air Defense of both countries, armored vehicles and artillery are involved in them.

The ground forces exercises will be held in Baku and Nakhichevan on August 1-5. Air force exercises will be held from July 29 to August 10 in Baku, Nakhichevan, Ganja, Kurdamir, and Yevlakh.


The exercises are taking place against the backdrop of yet another aggravation on the border of Armenia and Azerbaijan. In mid-June, the sides exchanged artillery shelling, resulting in the deaths of servicemen from both sides, including the major general of the Azerbaijani army.

According to experts, the joint exercises of the armed forces of Turkey and Azerbaijan, which will also be held near the Armenian border, are designed to demonstrate to Armenia the military might of Baku and its ally. As the military expert Yuri Lyamin told MK, in many respects, the exercises are not military, but media in nature.It should be noted here that joint exercises between Turkey and Azerbaijan are held regularly: not every year, but quite often. Not to say that this is a special rarity. In particular, there is nothing special about conducting exercises near the Armenian border in Nakhichevan. Simply for the reason that the supply of Azerbaijani troops in this region goes through Turkey.

The media component of the exercises is obvious: to show that Turkey supports Azerbaijan. Show the level of cooperation and support. It is known that Baku and Ankara have close relations in the military sphere. Azerbaijani officers were trained in Turkey, and Azerbaijan is also actively purchasing Turkish weapons.

–  Does Turkey plan to interfere in the conflict

–  Again, teachings themselves are not uncommon. Some of them raised a fuss in connection with the recent aggravation of the conflict. You need to understand that any aggravation of the conflict that will affect the territory of Armenia is the inclusion of the CSTO regime. It is one thing if Azerbaijan, with the support of Turkey, tries to solve the Karabakh issue – to recapture the lost territories, and another thing is a direct attack on the internationally recognized territory of Armenia.

–  In what form can Turkey support its allies in a possible conflict? This suggests associations with the war in Libya, where Turkey is actively using its assault drones.

–  It is quite possible that they can supply new drones to Azerbaijan. Or simply deliver your own and put Azerbaijani markings on them while local operators are trained.

–  It is planned to use the air forces of Turkey and Azerbaijan within the framework of the exercises, what is the likelihood of their use in the event of an aggravation of the conflict?

–  Both parties to the conflict have very significant regional air defense systems. Therefore, the use of aviation in this conflict can almost be guaranteed to lead to losses. So in this conflict, drones are more likely to be used.


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