Less than 100 days before the presidential election in America, polls show that the Democratic presidential candidate, former Vice President Joe Biden, has an advantage of as much as 10 percent over the current President Donald Trump (Trump).

However, if the pre-election race is not seen as a referendum on President Trump’s performance, that advantage could be reduced, Voice of America writes.

President Trump’s popularity declined during the long coronavirus pandemic in the United States, the deep economic recession and civil unrest, and Biden accuses him of “lifting his hands from the country.”

  • Can you imagine saying as president – that is not my responsibility. I do not take responsibility. And literally – Democratic candidate Joe Biden wonders.
  • The more the focus is on the pandemic, the better Biden is. Any question or combination of questions that shifts that focus are likely to harm Biden and help Trump, says conservative analyst Patrick Basham.

For 77-year-old Biden, who is known for verbal gaffes, the upcoming presidential debates represent a potential danger, however, his supporters say that the former vice president of the USA will be ready for a clash with Trump.

  • Biden knows very well what is in focus. These are the economy, health care, and the pandemic. It will be focused on that during the pre-election debates – points out the democratic strategist Jared Leopold.

Many polls in 2016 incorrectly announced that Trump would lose to Hillary Clinton, so both Democratic and Republican strategists agree that the current polls do not guarantee Biden’s victory in November in any way.

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