Croatian Interior Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Davor Bozinovic explained to RTL that a historic agreement had been reached for a Serb representative to come to the “Storm” celebration, and said that the move was made by Croatian government policy.

– I would not say that something was decisive, but the policy of the Government of the Republic of Croatia certainly brought about this development of the situation. This is a four-year mandate in which we have certainly done good things for Croatia and we will continue in that direction – said Bozinovic.

It was noted that ‘these are overriding events to set the conditions’. Over the last four years, he says, they have led topics related to the Homeland War, they have led other topics, they will continue to do so. – Tomo Medved will go to the place where civilians were killed, not only as Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Veterans – said When asked why Minister Medved will be in Grubori and not him, Bozinovic said that ‘there is no insistence and that these are conversations of serious people who wish this country well’.

– Croatia is a democratic state, which has achieved all its national goals, liberated the territory from the aggression that was conducted from Belgrade. It has become a NATO and EU member, and it is certain that if someone thought like Vucic, we would certainly be on the sidelines, and not just finish the presidency of the EU Council – the minister commented on recent statements by Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic.

He added that he did not know whether Pupovac’s departure to Raca would be a problem.

When asked about the security assessments of the celebrations in Knin, Bozinovic said that the celebrations would be accompanied by strict epidemiological measures.

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