The Afghan authorities rose today to 20 dead and 42 wounded victims of the bombing Sunday of the group jihadist Daesh (ISIS, its acronym in English) that began with a suicide attack on a prison in the eastern province of Nangarhar, in Afghanistan.

The attack claimed by Daesh to Nangarhar prison, which was supporting hundreds of prisoners, began yesterday at 6.30 pm local time and continues after about 14 hours of armed confrontation.

This started when a suicide bomber detonated his car loaded with explosives at the prison entrance in Jalalabad, the capital of Nangarhar, followed by an armed attack by an unknown number of attackers who took up positions inside the center and in nearby buildings.


“So far we have received 15 bodies, including three children and 42 wounded in the hospital,” Zahir Adil, spokesman for the Nangarhar Department of Public Health, told The Eastern Herald.

All the wounded admitted so far are out of danger, receiving medical treatment, he said.

Nangarhar Governor’s spokesman Attaullah Khogyanai told Efe that at least four jihadists have died. One of them died in the car bomb blast and three others in clashes with the security forces.

Currently, it has not been possible to determine how many more attackers continue in the area, he added.

“Several attackers took a position in a multi-story residential building near the prison, and inside the facility. The security forces are clearing the prison step by step, “he said.

Dozens of families residing in nearby buildings have been rescued by security forces, however, there is the possibility that several other families are still trapped on the upper floors of the building where the jihadists are hiding.

“Security forces move slowly and carefully to clear the building floor by floor, room by room, to protect potential civilians trapped in the building,” Khogyanai explained.

The assault allowed several inmates to escape from the center, however, “at least 700 prisoners were captured again by the security forces and are currently in a temporary prison,” said Khogyanai, who did not want to specify how many prisoners remain in the detention facility.

ISIS carried out the attack a day after Afghan intelligence services claimed to have shot down Ziaurahman, known as Assadullah Orakzai, the head of ISIS intelligence, in a special operation in Jalalabad carried out on Saturday.

A Assadullah Orakzai, of Pakistani origin, is credited with responsibility for several deadly attacks by the Islamic State against civilians in Afghanistan.

Yesterday was the third and last day of the cease-fire announced by the Taliban and the Kabul government on the occasion of the Muslim holiday of Eid ul Adha or “festival of sacrifice”, a gesture framed in attempts to start an intra-Afghan dialogue. for peace.

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