US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called the Communist Party of China the main threat of today, to which Washington managed to draw the attention of other countries.

He stressed that US diplomacy has helped the international community understand the threat posed by the CCP.

“No administration, neither Republicans nor Democrats, has been as aggressive in the fight against China’s hostile actions as President Donald Trump’s administration,” the US Secretary of State said.

According to him, Washington imposed sanctions on the “Chinese leadership””, as well as companies from China, and closed the consulate in Houston, because it was a “spy’s nest”.

As part of the fight against China, the State Department requested the allocation of 1.47 billion dollars for the next year to help the countries of the Pacific region. “which is an increase of 20% compared to the 2020 budget.”

  • The threat of the Communist Party of China is becoming clear, and like-minded nations are starting to gather to stand against it and protect our freedom and democracy – Pompeo wrote on his Twitter profile.
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