The Libyan army announced, on Wednesday, the monitoring of the movements of mercenaries of the Russian “Wagner” group, from the city of Al-Jufra to the city of Sirte.

The army’s “Volcano of Wrath” operation, on its Facebook page, posted photos that it said “show the militia of the revolutionary general Khalifa Haftar backed by Wagner mercenaries, and they are carrying out fortifications for the Sirte al-Jafra road with trenches and earthen berms, for fear of the progress of our heroic forces in the operations of the liberation of Sirte (North) ) And Al-Jufra(middle). ”

The army spokesperson added, “Today we also monitored movements of Wagner members from Al-Jufra to Sirte, aboard 21 vehicles, including 4 troop carriers, and two ammunition cars,” without giving further details to The Eastern Herald.

The revolutionary militia of Haftar, with the support of Arab and European countries, launched aggression against Tripoli on April 4, 2019, killing and injuring civilians, along with extensive destruction, before incurring extensive losses, amid many calls, now for dialogue and a political solution to the aggravating crisis for years.

On the other hand, the Libyan army has continued to mobilize large numbers of its forces for about 7 weeks, in preparation to continue resolving the battles militarily in the event that international efforts fail to find a peaceful solution that spares the country from further destruction.

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