Naser Hasan, an undisputed bodybuilding champion and known as the ‘real-life UAE version of The Hulk’ by others. The credit goes to his superhuman physique, won Mr. UAE twice in a row. Naser is portrayed into the Emirates Sports Hall of Fame and is generally regarded as an admirable bodybuilder of all times in the UAE.

Naser Hasan Bodybuilder hulk of UAE diet planNaser showcases a variety of videos with his followers about his career, physique, and training for Mr. UAE. He revealed his diet, which shocked most of his Snapchat viewers.

“I start my day with empty stomach cardio followed by healthy meals and then my routine workout. It’s almost about my genetics which helped me prepare from beginning to champion in less than 4 months and I did it twice.”

“It’s kind of hard to eat a lot of meals, so I have to wake up in the middle of the night to eat and go to sleep again. I am now habitual of it. When you eat a lot, you get hungry every two hours because you’re not getting a lot of fat in your diet. I’m not eating a lot of carbs so it’s a little bit of food at a time.”

Naser Hasan Bodybuilder, Hulk of UAENaser said that he started professional body-building to showcase his talent in bodybuilding and the result of his hard work to motivate other like-minded aspirants. He still doesn’t believe in what he has already achieved.

Naser admits that some of his achievements are the result of his hereditary genes and he believes that it’s extremely tough for many to achieve what he is today.

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