Earlier, the media noted the exceptional cruelty of Belarusian law enforcement officers – against protesters, journalists, and even bystanders.

About 250 women, dressed in white, protested in Minsk against the violence of law enforcement officers to protesters calling for a recount of the presidential election results. Participants of the action lined up at the Komarovsky market and chanted their demands.

“Stop hitting us! We just want the correct counting of votes, ”one of the protesters said. “We came with open hands, without weapons. Just like other peaceful protesters. Violence comes from only one side, ”the Interfax activists quoted as saying.

The official Belarusian newspaper “Nasha Niva”, in turn, reported that the police asked the participants of the action to disperse. Soon riot police arrived at the venue. In response, the protesters laid flowers along the road and began to disperse, placing their hands behind their heads.

Earlier, observers of the world media noted the exceptional cruelty of the Belarusian security forces, who since the evening of Sunday, August 9, mercilessly beat not only protesters but also bystanders. Also, according to eyewitnesses, Belarusian riot policemen purposefully hunt down journalists, smashing cameras, and take away electronic media with the footage.

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