According to the political scientist, the behavior of the head of Belarus is directly influenced by the fact that an attempt to seize power according to the laws of the country is punishable by capital punishment.

The incumbent President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko fears for his future, including in terms of saving a life, and therefore is forced to escalate the conflict. The corresponding opinion was expressed on Wednesday, August 12, by the general director of the Center for the Development of Regional Policy, political scientist Ilya Grashchenkov.

“The time when Lukashenka could easily leave the game was lost. He made a number of decisions, which achieved that now he is forced to constantly raise rates. In Belarus, there is a punishment for the seizure of power, including capital punishment. Therefore, those who hold power are afraid that the opposition will apply these laws if it takes the helm, ”the URA.RU portal quoted him as saying.


Now the Belarusian leader has two possible options, the expert believes: “get on a plane and fly away in an unknown direction, or go to the last and use all forces. Up to the army and the brutal suppression of peaceful protests. Now, obviously, the second option is being chosen, ”explained Grashchenkov.

Earlier it was reported that the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus admitted to using firearms against participants in the riots in Brest, and in Minsk, 250 women held an action “Stop hitting us!”, calling on the security forces to stop violence against peaceful protesting citizens.

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