The security forces are pulled up to the presidential residence, outfits with dogs and special equipment to disperse the demonstrators were seen near it, reports The Eastern Herald.

An increasing number of people are taking to the streets of the Belarusian capital to join protesters against police violence and fraud in the presidential elections in the country.

In the area of ​​the Pushkinskaya metro station, where one of the protesters had previously died , at least three thousand people gathered. Also, large crowds gather in the sleeping areas of the city.


As reported by media, in the middle of the day, several columns of protesters freely marched into the city center, despite the fact that the previous evening the Belarusian riot police cleared the center of the city from demonstrators and drove the protesters to the outskirts.

It is reported that at present reinforced detachments of security officials have been pulled up to the administration of the country’s President Alexander Lukashenko. The Eastern Herald correspondent reports about 12 buses with riot policemen and special equipment designed to disperse the demonstrators. The outfits of security officials with dogs were also seen.

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