Joe Biden was officially nominated on Tuesday as the Democratic Party’s candidate for the November elections in the United States, within the framework of the second day of the party’s National Convention.

The convention, which will conclude Thursday night with Biden’s acceptance speech, is held virtually for the coronavirus pandemic and featured speeches by his Joe Biden wife Jill, former President Bill Clinton (1993- 2001), and Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Remotely, state delegates gave brief speeches before announcing that they would back Barack Obama’s former vice president. Although the nomination was no more than a formality, it only became official after more than 1,991 of the 3,979 representatives – obtained throughout the state primaries – expressed their support for Joe Biden.


Once the counting of the states was finished, the camera turned to focus on the candidate. Surrounded by his family and blue, white, and red balloons, Biden accepted the candidacy with a short message.

“Thank you very much, from the bottom of my heart. It means everything to me and my family and I will see them on Thursday “, he said, referring to the speech that will conclude the convention that day.

He also did it on his Twitter account: “”It is the honor of my life to accept the Democratic Party’s nomination for President of the United States of America.” he wrote.

However, Biden continued his participation in the event with a segment dedicated to promoting the expansion of social security in the country. To do this, Biden, whose son Beau died of cancer in 2015, spoke with five people who went through different health problems who were able to receive treatment thanks to the approval of the Patient Protection and Health Care Act – also known as Obamacare – during his time in the White House.

“I am going to protect you as I have tried to protect my own family. I promise you,” said Joe Biden.

Tuesday’s session focused on the need for an “honest” and “leadership capable” president. In addition to Clinton, another former president, Jimmy Carter (1977-1981), as well as former Secretary of State John Kerry spoke. The Senate Democratic Minority Leader Chuck Schumer will also speak.

One of the surprises already revealed was the participation of retired general Colin Powell, former secretary of state and a member of the Republican Party, who asked to vote for Biden on November 3.

“I support him because he will be a president that we will all be proud to salute. We will never doubt that he will stand alongside our allies and against our adversaries. These he will face with strength and experience. From day one, he will regain the leadership and moral authority of the United States, ”Powell said.

The speakers sought to maintain the expectation generated on the first day, especially after the speech of former first lady Michelle Obama, who strongly charged against the current president, Donald Trump, by ensuring that he is not up to the job.

The Democratic conclave, which before the coronavirus was going to displace thousands of people to the city of Milwaukee (Wisconsin), is held remotely from different parts of the country and private rooms.


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