Many bloggers dream of a digital footprint, but only a few of them achieve.

Tamanna Wahi has started her photo blogging on Instagram, a few years ago and became one of the most famous fashion influencers on the Internet, going from a few thousand hits to around 100k+ visits per day from social media alone. TEH spoke with Tammana Wahi.


– How do you spend most of your day?

– “My day starts very early and I’m at work (Kadak Fm) where I produce the morning show and I’m there till early in the afternoon, head back home for a quick lunch and get working on my blog/attend events or collaborations or if I’m at home, I’m busy writing articles for my website or responding to emails.”

– How are you different from other people in your niche?


– “I think what sets me as an influencer apart is that I’m very clear about my niche and audience and I make it a point to mix up every aspect of lifestyle on my social media platforms. I do a good mix of luxury and casual write-ups and have a good presence across platforms and not just one. “

– What are you planning for your future?

– “The plan for the future is to keep working hard and introducing more aspects to my website. I have recently launched my own collection of T-shirts and it has been received very well and plan on many more collaborations and similar collections in the future too.”

– Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

– “At the risk of this sounding cringe, what I truly see myself in 5 years is being a happy person. Be it whatever I will be after five years, I will always be happy and have no regrets whatsoever.”

– What is your greatest achievement?

– “I consider every small and big collaboration and work that I’ve done so far as an achievement, however, a memorable one would be winning the award for the best Asian blogger in the UAE at the Masala Awards 2016.”

– What advice would you give to new bloggers?

– “From a business and a blog perspective, the smartest thing you can do is to have a plan of profitability. Everyone starts a blog because of their passion, we all share that in common, so what sets people apart is not having one source of revenue, which is why most of the magazines failed—we all relied on the ad income. Immediately diversify.

Moreover, the quicker you can diversify what is organic to who you are, and do that early, you can have a lot more success. However, focusing on profit doesn’t make you overly capitalist, it means you’re investing in the future of your growing business.”

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