Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan gave the news of the discovery of the largest natural gas field in the country’s history in the Black Sea.

He added, in a speech during the discovery ceremony from the Presidential Office at Dolmabahce Palace in Istanbul, that the entire excavation process was carried out with national capabilities.

He continued: “God has conferred upon us a great potential for good in a place that was not considered.”


And Erdogan added: “The exploration vessel” Fateh “discovered 320 billion cubic meters of natural gas reserves in the” Tuna “well and
stressed that the initial indications for the discovery of the largest gas field indicate a high possibility of the presence of other fields in the same area.

He said, “In the name of God, we have begun to work on exploiting the Saqaria gas field discovered, and God willing, there will be more.”

President Erdoan continued, “We are expecting similar good news from the Mediterranean.”

“We aim to put Black Sea gas in the service of our nation,” he said, adding, “Today we will leave an important legacy for future generations.”

And he added, “We will start actually benefiting from this resource through the extraction and transportation of natural gas.”

And he indicated that it will start immediately to dig wells in the new gas field, and then draw the form of production and then move to construction work

He went on to say: We moved to the ranks of the most prominent countries in the world through the Al-Fateh ship, thanks to which we live in the joy of today, as well as the Yavuz and Qanuni vessels.

He explained that 9 drilling operations were carried out in deep waters in the Mediterranean and Black Bahrain through the “Al-Fateh” and “Yawuz” ships.

He said, “We will continue moving towards our goals without coveting the rights of others and without allowing them to take possession of our rights.”

The Turkish president pointed out that energy is of great importance in achieving national independence, in addition to being a major component of development.

He noted that the inhuman world order that sees a drop of oil as more valuable than human blood flow “still prevails.”

He stressed the government’s determination to fundamentally solve the country’s energy issue.

He added, “We will not stop or rest until we are an energy exporter.”

President Erdogan also touched on the European Union’s positions aligned with Greece regarding the Eastern Mediterranean.

He added, “The European Union is betraying its principles once again by the double standards it shows with Greece and its incitement against us.”


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