U.S. presidential candidate Joe Biden and groups from the Democratic Party in close alliance with him raised $ 70 million during a four-day convention this week, Biden’s campaign camp said.

The convention’s television broadcast attracted 122 million views across 15 digital broadcasting platforms and also attracted 85.1 million television broadcasts, Biden’s camp said in an email.

Republican President Donald Trump’s campaign camp and close allied groups raised $ 165 million during the typically anemic month of July to raise funds, more than $ 140 million raised by his Democratic rival, Joe Biden, Trump’s campaign staff said this month.

That result allows Trump to enter the final phase of the election campaign for the American president with a small, but intact, monetary advantage. Trump and Republican-backed groups now have more than $ 300 million available to invest in advertising, activists spreading party propaganda, and other political costs, compared to Biden’s $ 294 million.

The virtual Democratic National Convention ended Thursday night with Biden’s acceptance of the party’s nomination during a speech accusing Trump of a chaotic presidential term by which he divided the nation. The final night of the convention attracted about 24.6 million television viewers, the largest audience of the week, according to the rating agency Nielsen. The four-day Republican convention, a mixture of virtual and live events during which Trump will accept the party’s nomination, starts on Monday, Reuters reports.

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