Flight recorders recorded the conversations of the crew of a Ukrainian plane shot down in Iran after the explosion of the first missile. The head of the Iranian Civil Aviation Organization Turaj Dehghani Zangani announced this.

He commented on the decryption of the flight recorders of the Ukrainian aircraft that took place in France in July, stating that it was in accordance with international standards, representatives of the United States as the country – the aircraft manufacturer, Ukraine, which owned the aircraft, France, which provided the services, and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) were present.

There were no technical problems with decoding. According to him, the crew controlled the plane until the last moment, and from the negotiations inside the cockpit, one can judge that the liner’s engines were working.

“The voice recorder recorded another 19 seconds after the first missile detonated,” the official said. He noted that the second missile reached the plane 25 seconds later.

The organization previously reported in a separate report that the disaster was preceded by a “chain of events” starting with the relocation of an air defense crew.

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