The information about the expulsion of the Russian diplomat from Austria is true. According to RIA Novosti, this was announced by the country’s Foreign Ministry.

“We can confirm that a Russian diplomat will be expelled. His behavior is contrary to the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, ”said a representative of the Austrian diplomatic department. He refrained from further comments.

The fact that a Russian diplomat will be expelled from Austria was previously reported by the Krone Zeitung. He is declared persona non grata – for the first time in history. The Russian will have to leave the country before September 1.


According to the journalists, the diplomat was engaged in industrial espionage for many years in one of the IT companies. He was the curator of her employee, who eventually reported this to management.

The newspaper noted that it was a “preliminary culmination of an espionage scandal, which the local authorities consider particularly serious.”

Commenting on the incident, the Russian Embassy in Austria called the decision of the Austrian authorities unfounded and detrimental to constructive Russian-Austrian relations, and also expressed its outrage. The diplomatic mission assured that a mirror response from Russia would not take long in coming.



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