The Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, declared on Wednesday that his country perceives with “enormous seriousness” the incident that occurred the night before when several Israeli soldiers were attacked by gunfire from the territory of Lebanon and warns to respond harshly in case of such repeated aggression.

“We will react strongly to any attack against us,” warned the head of Government of the Jewish country, quoted by Al Arabiya.

“I advise Hezbollah not to test Israel’s strength. Once again, Hezbollah is endangering Lebanon because of its aggression,” he added.

Cross border attack

The Israel Defense Forces reported on August 26 that shots were fired at their military, coming from the territory of Lebanon, to which they responded with fire and an airstrike against Hezbollah “observation posts” that are located near the border. between both countries.

“It is a serious event and we remain ready to combat any threat to our borders,” he said through his Twitter account.

No Israeli soldiers were injured in the event, according to the IDF.

Suspicious movements

Hours earlier, the Israeli military had reported “a security incident” in the north of the country. Immediately, they ordered the residents of the towns of Manara, Margaliot, Misgav Am, Yiftah and Malkia to stop all activities in open areas and to stay in their homes, near a shelter. However, the order was canceled shortly after.

A large number of flares were reportedly launched by the Israeli military, while some roads were blocked.

According to reports with The Eastern Herald, the Israeli military detected suspicious movements near the border between the two countries. There were no references from the Israeli Army about any alleged incursion into its territory.

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