Two men and a woman tried to leave the Celio Military Hospital in Rome this Saturday, to which they had been transferred from a reception center several days ago after being diagnosed with covid-19.

The three admitted, Nigerian nationals, reacted violently to the refusal of doctors to release them before they had recovered from the infection. In addition to overturning desks, beds, and other furniture, they beat and even bit police officers and medical personnel. Only one of those attacked suffered minor injuries, but all must isolate themselves at home while awaiting the results of the covid-19 tests they had to undergo.

The situation went on for about half an hour. Those responsible for the altercation were detained by carabineros and agents of the Military Police, and are currently facing accusations of coercion, resistance and violence against a person in charge of the public service and insults to a public official.


In a comment on the events, the Italian Defense Minister, Lorenzo Guerini, expressed his “solidarity with the personnel attacked” and described what happened as “a serious and inadmissible fact.” “Everything returned to normal immediately thanks to the prompt intervention of military personnel and the forces of order,” the newspaper Il Messaggero quotes Guerini.

At the end of July, on the Italian island of Sicily, there was a massive flight of migrants who were in mandatory quarantine in reception centers.

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